What are the main characteristics of a Smart Office?


The main issue is that leadership and work dynamics are viewed under a new light.  Nowadays, due to remote working, offices are rarely populated at their full capacity. Workstations are no longer personal but shared, work environments are more open and collaboration oriented, regardless of tasks and roles. A smart office favours such new company dynamics through smooth, appealing and functional solutions.


We also consider elemental the design of lively environments and versatile tools favouring remote or home working, as well as collaborative technologies to facilitate the work flow. Efficiency is optimised where employees can easily book their own workstation or a meeting room, as connect to a corporate cloud through their laptop wherever they may be accessing.


Since workspaces have evolved radically in recent years, their layouts as well need to be adequately updated. In this regard, in the design stage a wide range of environments can be foreseen, depending on specific requirements, and expressing at best the individual company culture, thus strengthening collaboration, and facilitating overall goal achievement. The idea is to benefit of “a space for every function and a function for every space”.



The Hive setting is a group workstation allowing employees to harmonically engage both in individual and common activities.



The Haven setting is a compact space where the user can focus on his or her tasks avoiding all external interferences.



The Clubhouse is a dedicated workspace for teams assigned to specific long-term projects.



The Forum is a workspace characterised by a specific focal point, ideal for content presentation and discussion.


Jump Space

The Jump space provides easily accessible workstations, offering resource access for brief intervals in between other activities.


Plaza (Square)

The Plaza is the vibrant, beating heart of the company premises, a space where individuals can naturally feel the pulse of the organization.



The Workshop configuration offers the ideal setting where users can cooperate to come up with new ideas to improve operational efficiency.


Meeting Space

The Meeting Space is designed to facilitate information sharing, whether the meeting involves a single speaker at the back of the room or interaction between colleagues.



A Landing is an open space, next to meeting rooms or forums, for retreat before a meeting or relax following the encounter.



The Cove is a compact space near individual workstations allowing employees to work together for brief periods.

How does Evospace design a Smart Office?

At first we stage an interview with the Client to acknowledge their requirements. Key details commonly arise in the course of the first consultation. During the preliminary meeting we enlighten Clients on the newest trends and illustrate possible solutions. We retain an open dialogue essential to verify the options, identify the most suitable and together customize the project offer.

Once goals have been established, we proceed with the actual design considering all aesthetic and functional aspects. At Evospace, our hallmark consists in placing people at the centre of development. A considerate space for those who work there allows the company to run smoothly and efficiently. “Make your office a happy place” is our statement, but above all our mission and guiding philosophy.


At Evospace we retain essential for our customers: steadfast reliability, product excellence, and proven punctuality. In this we propose as an all-round partner offering you integrated service and dedicated assistance.