Office Design

Office design Solutions

Long-term, strategic study of the workspace functionality, definition of the new space needs, and introduction of new ways of working


The objective of the consultancy is to prepare an architectural project based on the activities, the methods and the design steps. The consultancy will address two main aspects:

  • Analysis of the existing plans and operational needs, and creation of a flexible and efficient space for the working groups  
  • Development of an architectural project, perfectly integrated with the MEP design.

Space Planning

Translation of the customer’s needs into space solutions, improving work efficiency and adding value to the business.

Change Management

Creation of tools to develop a project based on the real needs of those living the workspace daily, and management of the change.

Interior Design

Design of an efficient, functional and visually appealing workplace, reflecting the company culture and offering spaces for interaction and exchange.

Integrated Design

Comprehensive, inter-disciplinary design, focused on the well-being of people and environment.


Discovery Process, our method of analysis that enables businesses to redesign their spaces according to the new workplace scenarios.

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