Hybrid Office

Hybrid Office according to Evospace

A flexible workplace, suitable to the needs of the moment and able to combine employee well-being with business productivity, to achieve the best results.

What are the main characteristics of a Hybrid Office?

Smart Office

First of all, leadership and working dynamics are changed. Thanks to remote working, employees are now accustomed to work also from home and the full workforce is only rarely in the office. Desks are no more dedicated to single employees, but they are shared; workspaces are more open and designed for cooperation, regardless of the employee’s position. A Smart Office makes such dynamics fluid and functional.

Remote Working

It is essential, when designing, to include dynamic environments and tools to support the remote working, collaborative technologies that facilitate workflow. For example, efficiency is optimized by the possibility to easily reserve a workstation or the meeting room, or to connect to the company’s cloud service.


It is also fundamental to reconsider the workplaces’ design, radically changed in recent years.  It is possible to design a wide range of work environments that, according to the needs, better express the company culture, and support collaboration and the achievement of the goals. This means to have “a place for each purpose and a purpose for each place”.

How do we design a Hybrid Office?


Clear goals, strategy, and identity.


Function, colour, and material.


Workflow management.

First, we interview our customers and listen to their needs. Fundamental aspects emerge right from the first consultation. During the preparatory meetings we help customers to discover the new opportunities, explaining all possible solutions. This dialogue is fundamental to identify the best solutions and to customize the project accordingly.

Once the goals are defined, we move on to the actual design, inclusive of all the aesthetic and functional aspects.  Evospace is characterized by a winning approach: “put people at the centre”. An appealing environment for the employees stands for a successful company. “Make your office a happy place” is our motto, and above all our mission and our philosophy.

It is essential for us to ensure reliability, excellence, and punctuality. We are a complete partner and offer a fully integrated service in this respect.

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