Discovery Process

Design for human experience.

Define what success means to you. Evospace will help you achieve it.

Happiness. Wellness. Dedication. Connection. In the world of work today, success means not only money, but it is more and more perceived in human terms. By contributing to meeting the essential needs of individuals and organizations, Living Workplace not only contributes to higher profits, but also to the prosperity of all.

LIVING WORKPLACE is a powerful tool for achieving your goals

Every organization, with its persons, is different from the other ones, yet most offices today share many characteristics in common.

Evospace uses a method based on the last 15 years of research, to help you imagine an office that perfectly reflects your brand identity and better supports your daily activities.


of the operational needs of each working group and division, through interviews with the company managers, building inspection, and work meetings that will help developing the dedicated Living Workplace


of the amount of space actually required to develop the future shared space, and definition of the “Space Model”


of the compliance with regulatory requirements and recommendations for the correct use of the spaces, with innovative solutions that allow maximum flexibility and functionality


f processes and spaces to address present and future needs, with the aim to guarantee a fast outfitting

10 Settings of the Living Workplace

Data collected during years of research on the living workplace applying the discovery process show 10 common ways of working, together or independently

"A place for each purpose, and a purpose for each place..."


The Hive configuration is conceived as a cluster of workstations that allows individuals to undertake both individual and group activities in a harmonious way


The Haven configuration consists of a small space where single users can focus on their tasks, without any distraction


The Clubhouse configuration consists of a workspace dedicated to a particular team, assigned to a specific long term project


Focal point of the workspace, a Forum supports content presentations and discussions

Jump Space

Made of easily accessible workstations, a Jump Space facilitates working for a short time between other activities


The Cove configuration is a compact space near the individual workstations that allows people to work together for short periods of time


Plaza is the beating heart of the whole environment, a space where the individuals can feel the pulse of the organization


The Workshop configuration is the ideal environment for cooperation and for the birth of innovative ideas to improve operational efficiency

Meeting Space

The Meeting Space configuration facilitates information sharing, both for meetings with a single speaker down the hall and for meetings with interaction among colleagues


A Landing is an open space, close to meeting rooms or forums, where it is possible to retreat to prepare for a meeting or to relax after that.


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